Take the $10,000 Challenge!

This month we’ve been looking at saving you $10k in the coming year – so today it’s time to put your plans in action.  As always, getting started is the hardest part of any money saving challenge, so we have compiled a list of ways you can use to reach your $10k goal.

The following savings are based on an $80 000 salary and a single person household so when you’re using the Challenges function in the Frollo app be sure to enter your personal income as it will determine how much you can realistically put away into savings per week. Pick one to try today and a few of the following every week and you’ll be on your way to 10k!

Homemade lunches

Cost before: $12/lunch x 261 work days = $3,132
Cost after: $5/lunch x 261 work days = $1,305
Total annual savings: $1,827

One fewer bottle of wine per month

Cost before: $20/bottle x 12 months = $240
Cost after: 0 bottles = $0
Total annual savings: $240

Weekly potlucks with mates vs restaurant dinners

Cost before: $50/restaurant dinner x 52 weeks = $2,600
Cost after: $20/homemade dinner x 52 weeks = $1,040
Total annual savings: $1,560

First-year special offers: Credit card

Cost before: $100/year = $100
Cost after: $0/year = $0
Total annual savings: $100

Public Transit vs. Car ownership (payments, petrol, insurance, maintenance)

Cost before: $200/week x 52 weeks = $10,400
Cost after: $60/week x 52 = $3,120
Total annual savings: $7,280

Swap & Sell vs. Purchasing new clothes

Cost before: $100/month = $1,200
Cost after: $0/year = $0
Total annual savings: $1,200

Cheap Monday movies vs. Full-Price Saturday movies

Cost before: $20/film x 15 films/year = $300
Cost after: $10/film x 15 films/year = $150
Total annual savings: $150

Tap water vs. Bottled water

Cost before: $2.75/L x 365L/year = $1,004
Cost after: $0/unlimited litres = $0
Total annual savings: $1,004

Home-brewed coffee vs. Coffee shop

Cost before: $3.50/coffee/day x 365 = $1,277
Cost after: $0.75/coffee/day x 365 = $274
Total annual savings: $1003

Meatless Mondays

Cost before: $15/1kg meat x 52 Monday’s = $780
Cost after: $3/1kg tofu x 52 work days = $156
Total annual savings: $624

Total annual savings from these 14 spending swaps: $18,380


Try a few of these this week and jump on our Facebook page to share your achievements with the rest of the Frollo community. We’d love to hear from you!

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