Frollo is the secure way to get to know your money.

We have bank-grade security, because we pride ourselves on your security above all else.

It may surprise (and delight you) to know the following:

  • No bank information is stored on your phone or computer with Frollo
  • Frollo cannot make any changes to your financial accounts
  • Frollo cannot approve payments or fund transfers
  • Frollo is ISO 27001 certified
  • We have partnered with global leader of online security, Yodlee, which has 70 million trusted users worldwide
  • We have already secured hundreds of millions of dollars of transaction data securely
  • Security checks are carried out constantly

If you have any questions at all, we will be very happy to answer them.

Simply email us at

We have nothing to hide.

Learn more about Frollo’s security measures, here.

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