How we used Frollo to save and get ahead, together

“I’m going down to get a coffee – anyone want one?” is a phrase which was synonymous with the Frollo office.  Until one day we stopped and thought there has to be a better way – and there was.  Read on to see how we worked together to save each other thousands of dollars a year.

First, we chipped in and bought a Nespresso machine for $200.  This might seem like a lot, but remember there are at least 5 of us who drink coffee multiple times every day, and each coffee costs $4.

If you haven’t owned a Nespresso machine before – they are well worth it, even for the home.  The coffee quality is excellent, they are quick and you can even recycle the pods at Nespresso and other local shops.  But best of all, each coffee pod, which is equivalent to one coffee, costs $0.70.  You can also get cheaper pods at Coles made by brands other than Nespresso.

If this all sounds like a Nespresso ad enough for you to start picturing George Clooney sipping his latte – don’t worry – the same applies for other machines with pods – they all work on the same principle.

Back to our office – one of our developers, Brett, has worked out he will save over $2,500 over the next 12 months.  And of course, he has used Frollo to show he is well on the way – here’s how:

  • Average coffee expense for Oct – Dec = $277
  • Average Nespresso coffee expense Jan, Feb = $65
  • Savings so far = $212/month
  • Projected savings for year = $2,544

We’ve also found that having a coffee machine builds on our company culture and sense of community.  People buy pods for each other without asking and make coffee for workmates throughout the day.

Give it a try – whether you use a machine or simply cut down – there are easy ways to use Frollo and save money – and we’ve made it even easier to get started with our Challenges feature.

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