How it works

How Frollo works.

Frollo is a FREE simple to use personal finance and budget management that will help you go beyond just knowing your bank balance and really understand where you spend, when you spend and how you are managing your money. And, Frollo uses the same security as your bank app, so it’s 100% secure.

There's just 3 quick steps to start using Frollo

1. Download the App

Simply download the App from the App store or Play Store.

2. Set up a password

Or activate Touch Id so that you are the only one who can access your information.

3. Link to financial institutions

Connect securely to all bank, investment and overseas accounts and even your loyalty points!

Now start using Frollo

Track your spending

See what you are spending and where, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Set financial goals

Set yourself daily, weekly or monthly goals for spending and saving.

Get great tips

Be part of the Frollo community and learn how to manage your money better from people just like you.

Frollo can help you become financially smarter!

How can we do this?

Frollo works by understanding the financial behaviour of people just like you by working with you to help you understand where, when and how you are managing your money. Then we present it back to you in an easy to read, visual format.

On top of that, we also look at your financial habits against people just like you in the Frollo community so we can give you a pretty clear snapshot of how you are tracking against your peers.

We do all of this because we want to help you understand your money better.

Remember, Frollo is 100% secure and is NOT able to make or amend any transactions in any way.

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