Frollo Security Policy

Your security is our priority

At Frollo, we are serious about your privacy and the security and confidentiality of the information you entrust us with. We use the highest level of security for all our users.

Frollo is an easy to use financial planning and budget management app that helps you get ahead. the Frollo app consolidates and organises your financial account information so you can get a better understanding of your finances. Frollo lets you set achievable goals, simplifies budgeting and helps you make the best financial decisions for you.

No account information is stored by Frollo

We have partnered with Yodlee, a global leader in the secure hosting and encryption of financial data that uses bank-grade security and data encryption services. Yodlee is trusted by over 70 MILLION users worldwide!

Remember, Frollo cannot access your financial accounts login information at any stage.

Your money is safe with Frollo

To be able to get the level of understanding we require to help you understand your finances better, we need to be able to retrieve your financial transaction data. However, we only access this information so we can categorise your spend, income and bills. At no point can we conduct transactions or move your money. We securely access your financial accounts once you authorise the app via your consent and login details.

Yodlee encrypts and secures the bank information you provide (as it does for the 70 million other users).

How does this work?

Well, when we need to access more transaction information from your financial accounts so we can update your spend, income and bill information, we request Yodlee to use your encrypted login details to access your account. ONne they do this, they retrieve the information Frollo needs and send it to your Frollo app account.

It’s also important for you to know the following about how Frollo uses your information.

Our app is secure

The Frollo app is a smart, bank-grade secure application. It has been developed in conjunction with Yodlee so we can retrieve your financial transaction information and present this information back to you in much greater detail than in your banking app.

It is important to note!

  • NO bank information is stored on your phone or computer
  • Frollo CANNOT make any changes to your financial accounts
  • Frollo CANNOT approve payments of fund transfers
  • We have partnered with a global leader in online security, Yodlee, which has 70 MILLION trusted users worldwide
  • We have already SECURED hundreds of millions of dollars of transaction data securely
  • Security CHECKS are constantly carried out

We’re ISO 27001 certified

ISO 27001 is one of the most widely recognised and internationally accepted information security standards. It uses a top-down, risk-based approach to evaluation. It identifies requirements and specifications for a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS), defining how an organisation should manage and treat information more securely, including applicable security controls.

Frollo is ISO 27001 certified, which means we’re meeting the criteria for this certification and are regularly audited to ensure we comply.

Frollo alerts

For your additional convenience and security, Frollo will send you an email and SMS alert when:

  • A significant payment has been made
  • You have achieved a Frollo goal
  • You have made any changes to your personal settings or bank details

You can trust Frollo

You can trust Frollo to secure your information and your privacy . You can also trust Frollo to deliver you the best financial planning and budget management app in the market.

We have already secured tens of millions of dollars in transaction data for people just like you. People who want o get on top of their finances and get ahead.

At Frollo, we are happy to help

Behind our great app is a team of people passionate about making a difference. We are more than happy to help you in any way – from security questions to setting up your very own Frollo account.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

And if you want to meet the people behind Frollo, you can check us out here