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Frollo helps you help your customers

Frollo is Australia’s most inspiring Fintech finance management platform. Becoming a Frollo Enterprise Partner will help your customers better understand how they manage and spend their money. And, when they know this it makes it so much easier to understand which of your products and services are right for them.

Why work with Frollo?

Frollo delivers you a unique way to connect with your customers. Frollo’s core architecture has been developed in a flexible, easy to integrate manner which will allow all types of business, from start-ups to corporates, the opportunity to innovate with your customers. The Frollo Enterprise Partner team can work with you to deliver the inspirational solution your business deserves.

At Frollo, we turn transactions into insights. Our personal finance and budget management platform delivers us the insights that you just don’t get from looking at someone’s bank balance.

We look for patterns. We identify the positive patterns that will get people closer to their financial goals, and we can identify the negative patterns that might stand in their way.

At Frollo, we are proud to be building a knowledge bank full of insightful patterns from our community that will help others learn what they can, and should, do to get ahead.

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Go to market

Frollo Enterprise Partners are financial institutions offering banking and lending products.

We can offer different branding options to our Enterprise Partners, including:

  • White label
  • Co-branding
  • Frollo branding

And, as a Frollo Enterprise Partner, you can leverage our entire data set and app features through our simple to use API’s. This lets you go beyond your customers bank balance and get to know the person behind the transactions.

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Our data edge

Understanding people is at the core of what we do.

We focus on content and data to deliver effortless and personalised methods of behaviour change to help your customers learn better financial habits and get ahead.

Our data partnerships and data analysts create a unique view of a customers financial health and habits.

That way you and your customers can continuously evolve with Frollo.

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At Frollo, we follow the 5T’s.


We are reliable, consistent and here to support you with the right guidance to help your business and customers succeed.


Understanding finances starts with being straightforward and uncomplicated. We don’t hide behind big words. At Frollo, we keep it real and relatable.

Totally Inclusive

At Frollo, we invite opinion and strive to foster and open and honest relationship. Working together is a two-way conversation from which we both can grow.


We are professional with a wealth of industry expertise. And we use this knowledge to help you get ahead. We’re knowledge with a smile.

Thrive on your success

We love to see you reach your goals and we get excited watching you achieve. We know what you can be and we want to help you get there.

Try Frollo for yourself!

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