Claim your CTP insurance refund in less than 5 minutes!

If you have a car registered in NSW, you are probably eligible for a partial refund on your Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. CTP insurance (also known as “Green Slips”) provides cover for injuries caused to others in a motor accident and needs to be purchased when you register your vehicle.

However the State Government introduced reforms in 2017 to reduce the cost of CTP insurance, and if you purchased your insurance before 30 November 2017, you are eligible for a refund.

The amount of the refund will depend on when you renewed your CTP – the later in 2017, the larger the refund. At Frollo, our refunds averaged $100 per car registered – not bad!

To see if you are eligible and claim your refund, you must have a Service NSW login. Signing up is easy, and once you enter your details, you can claim your refund in less than five minutes.

If you already have a Service NSW account your refund will be ready to claim after you log in – see the screenshot below.

You have until 30 September 2018 to claim your refund, but it’s your money – so claim it today!

You will receive an email from the Service NSW portal once you have submitted your refund, and of course, check Frollo to confirm you have been paid!

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