Challenge yourself and Frollo and let’s get ahead, together!

The end of the financial year is a great time to take a step back and reset – review your finances and set a path for the rest of the calendar and financial year ahead.

We’ve made it easy to kickstart your year and get into good habits right away – with our Goals and Challenges feature.

If you weren’t aware of it or tried it, now is the ideal time to start, and we’ve got some tips to inspire you and get going.

(If you’re among the thousands who use Goals and Challenges every day, read on – we’ve got some great insights to share and we need your help!).

Step 1 – Get going with a challenge.

Our challenges are geared to save you money, quickly and are very easy to setup. Just head over to the Goals Tab and think about where you want to improve:
– Spending too much money driving to work? Take the Fuel Efficiency challenge!
– Need to curb your eating out habit? Try our Dinner at Home Challenge! (Our most popular challenge with users by far!)
– Is getting your caffeine buzz too easy with Tap and Go? Take the “Drop the coffee shop” Challenge and save!

We would love to hear what other challenges you would like to see in the app – Let us know in the comments!

Step 2 – Set your main money goal and go for it!

Whether you’re saving for a holiday or paying down some debt, we’ve got you covered! On the Goals Tab, you can select from a range of goals or create your own.

Better still, get started with a Budget by tapping on the prompt on the Dashboard and setting up your buckets to save in the coming month. We’ve written before on our thinking behind this feature and will guide you through the process in-app.


Our users love Challenges

Would you believe a staggering $500,000 has been saved using our Challenges feature to date? Or that on average users complete 65% of the challenges they set?

Challenges are one of our most popular features, but we want to make it even better – so what would you change? What challenges would you like to see?

Don’t hold back, we love a Challenge too 🙂

What would you call Challenges?

We’re also thinking of renaming Challenges to make it more fun and engaging – what would you call it?

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