Category: Savings Tips

Do you really need your landline?

Although the number of households with a landline has fallen sharply over the last 10 years, half of Australian households are still paying for a landline unnecessarily. And since we all have a mobile phone, why do we keep paying for our landlines? The 000 Myth If your household has mobile phone coverage, you can […]

Smooth out the ups and downs of energy costs

If you spent more than you had budgeted for on electricity this summer, you are not alone.  When temperatures rise, we all keep cool by running our fans and air conditioners longer than expected, often all day long. Which can lead to a nasty surprise when your next bill arrives.  And how do you budget […]

Reaching your goals by learning from past failures

One of the main reasons we designed Frollo was to help our users reach their financial goals. Our Goals and Challenges feature allows you to set short and long-term targets for yourself, after which the app will let you know when you are heading off track or congratulate you when you are nailing it! It […]

Deals! Deals! Deals!

Find Deals Anywhere and Everywhere It might surprise you how little it takes to save hundreds of dollars over the year when it comes to paying for groceries, water and electricity. Here are some tips to spend less on the necessities! Shopping Plan before you shop – write a shopping list and stick to it. Plan […]

Save Money! Look to the Stars

You’ve probably seen or heard of the Energy Rating Stars. This rating system gauges how much energy an appliance uses, and how this impacts your energy bill.  In summer choosing a more efficient air-conditioner or fan can cost half as much to run compared to appliances with a lower Energy Star rating.  Here’s Frollo’s quick guide […]

4 Tips to Save Money on Fuel

Does filling petrol up mid-week actually save money?  Where can you look to find the best deal?  Read on for answers to these questions and how Frollo can  help! Forget the mid-week myth! Unfortunately, 1 in 3 Australians are under the presumption that the mid-week fill up is the way to go.  The days of […]