Category: Savings Tips

Coles vs Woolies – who rewards you more?

It’s an age old divide – Do you shop at Woolworths or at Coles? This week we looked at the pros and cons of shopping at both grocery giants specifically in the context of their rewards programs. You may choose which store to shop at depending on which is closer, maybe it depends on their […]

Compare and save on your next grocery shop!

Supermarkets are making it harder for you to compare the value and cost of different items – so we’ve put together a guide to put you back in control and get a better deal. Across grocery stores in Australia, shoppers are spoilt for choice. For almost any product in the grocery aisle, there is plenty […]

Australia’s newest bank sparks change

The banking sector is about to get more competitive thanks to two big announcements in the last week. We break down why this will lead to better deals for your saving and borrowing needs. Australia’s first digital bank, volt bank, formally received its interim banking license from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA). The team […]

Claim your CTP insurance refund in less than 5 minutes!

If you have a car registered in NSW, you are probably eligible for a partial refund on your Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. CTP insurance (also known as “Green Slips”) provides cover for injuries caused to others in a motor accident and needs to be purchased when you register your vehicle. However the State Government […]

Take control of your banking and save!

The first few months of the Banking Royal Commission (BRC) has already revealed questionable practices from Australia’s major banks. For example, Commonwealth Bank admitted that mortgage brokers are not passing on the best deals to consumers as well as accepting the bank charged some deceased customers for financial advice. Each week brings a new revelation […]

Making money from your unused items

Did you know that 91% of Australians have unwanted items in their home?  It has never been easier to make money from the things you own, or if you can’t find a seller – give them to someone who can make good use of them.   A survey by found that an impressive 86% […]

Save Money by Cancelling your netflix subscription

When’s the last time you watched Netflix?  If the answer is more than a few weeks, you should probably think about canceling.  Instead of paying a monthly subscription, you can save by only renting movies and TV shows when you need to. If you are using Netflix may it is time for you to read one […]

How to pay your bills, have fun and not sweat the small stuff!

“You need a budget!” – you’ve probably heard this piece of advice over and over again if you’re trying to get your finances under control.  But budgeting can be difficult and time-consuming – and usually not very fun. Yet we are always excited about achieving our financial goals and boy isn’t life better when we […]

Know your consumer rights and go beyond your warranty

Did you know that you are entitled to a repair or refund on a new product purchase even after your retailer’s or manufacturer’s warranty has expired? The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) was introduced in 2011 and has many provisions to help consumers get a fair deal on goods on services purchased in Australia. But most […]

3 tips to get the best deal on car insurance

With the cost of living rising, we all need to find ways to save money on our bigger expenses. Running and maintaining your car can be very expensive, especially if you use it regularly and have an older vehicle. We’ve already covered how to save money on fuel and in this article we’re going to […]