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Saving for A Holiday: A Quick Guide

School holidays just ended, but before we can even blink, we’ll soon find ourselves back in the holiday spirit with Christmas being only 134 days away. If you’re planning a big holiday getaway, then now would be the best time to start saving (if you haven’t started already). According to Suncorp’s recent research, the Australian’s […]

Make extra cash while tidying up your home

Winter is almost over, which means Spring Cleaning is just right around the corner. If you want to make extra cash, then this would be the perfect time to sell items that you no longer use, especially when they no longer spark joy. Read on to find out which items you could sell to make extra cash!

7 Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

For many of us, tax time is an exciting period. It’s like Christmas for those of us in the working field. But instead of getting our present under the tree, Santa transfers the funds into our bank accounts. If you’ve followed our post last week on the claimable tax deductions commonly forgotten, then you’re probably […]

10 Claimable Tax Deductions Commonly Forgotten

It’s that time of the year that brings good cheer! And no, we’re not talking about Christmas. But it sure feels like it. It’s tax return time! It’s the season we get some of our hard-earned money back, which we can put into our savings, paying off debt, or buying ourselves a well-deserved treat. There […]

The Complete Guide to Improving Your Finances

Do you constantly feel guilty for spending on yourself? Do you often find yourself trying to make ends meet, worrying there’s not enough to get you by? You’re not alone -- 1 in 3 Australians suffer from the paycheck to paycheck cycle. Read on to find out how you can get out of the cycle and live a financially stress-free life!

How to Boost Your Savings with Small Wins

Saving money is a big part of getting out of the rut and becoming financially-stress free. But how can we save if our money’s stretched after paying off rent, bills, and loans? Read on to find out how you can boost your savings with small wins.

How to track your expenses without the stress

Tracking expenses can be a daunting and time-consuming process, but becoming aware of our spending habits will help us avoid getting lost in this financial jungle. As long as we’ve got the right tools, like Frollo, to help us trace where our hard-earned money is going, we can achieve the financially stress-free life we’ve been aspiring.

How to properly budget and still enjoy your money

When people hear budgeting, they think it’s like trying to lose weight or seeing the dentist. There’s a sense of dread that comes to budgeting. But we think budgeting is more like slicing a whole luscious, decadent chocolate cake and eating a piece yourself. Read on to find out why.