Category: Savings Tips

How to save for a rainy day

Having a secret stash of cash to protect you if something goes wrong is a fantastic idea, but actually building one … that’s a different matter. If you find it difficult to save money, you’re not alone, but think about it, if something goes wrong, you lose your job, need to travel overseas at short […]

Great ways to save in 2020

Whatever your financial goals might be for 2020, saving up for a car, taking that special trip, or reducing your debt, the saving up part of the equation might seem the most daunting.  But that’s where Frollo comes in to help you reach your goals. Check out these tips for great ways to save in 2020. […]

Small wins can boost your savings

Think of the last time you had a small win. These small wins give us a sense of achievement. They make us feel like we can conquer the world. What if we could translate the feeling we get after a small win into how we save money?

Understanding Why You Overspend

Imagine how good it would feel to leave the shops with only the things you need. Imagine all the money you’d be able to save if you only avoid overspending. But the thing is – overspending isn’t even your fault. A lot of stores use marketing tricks to get you to spend on things you won’t ever need.

How to save $1200 in time for Christmas

This Christmas, we want you to have fun. We want you to enjoy the quality time with people that matter most to you without worrying about your finances. We want you to walk in the park without debt looming over you.

How to boost your savings in three months

Within the last three months, Frollo users who have constantly used the app have increased their savings by 15%. In fact, our data shows that users who started out drowning in debt are now in a better financial position. Additionally, those who are interested in growing their savings have seen exponential growth because they didn’t […]

Finding motivation to save

I’m so tired of talking about money. Every day, it’s always about how much we need for dinner, for lunch, or even about having enough for takeaway coffee the next day. I’m so sick of it. Constantly worrying about having enough to pay rent, finding ways to get by, immediately clicking “Request for Extension” when […]