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How to know if you’re home loan ready

Buying a house is one of the most pivotal milestones in life. This achievement brings in different levels of comfort, not worrying about scrubbing scuffs on walls when the lease ends or getting kicked out if you miss the rent payment by a few minutes. Owning a home also gives us a sense of security. […]

Has the government given up on housing affordability?

If you noticed the conspicuous absence of housing affordability in the budget news from both parties, you’re not alone. Many commentators are wondering why didn’t the government, weeks before an election tackle one of the key issues people care about. Fall in house prices The government seems content to see affordability improve “organically” with falling […]

Renegotiate and save!

Did you know you could on average save $850 on your home loan just by calling up your bank and asking for a better interest rate deal? Last week the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released a report which found that the bigger banks are offering better deals to new customers, leaving existing customers worse […]

Your Afterpays and Uber Eats could cost you a home loan

Did you know that your everyday expenses could hold you back from getting your next home loan? Over the last 6 months, banks have been tightening their lending criteria and looking deeper into applicant’s finances than ever before. And you’re not exempt even if you’ve saved a decent deposit or are earning a high income.

Getting ready for your home loan application

Findings from the Banking Royal Commission and changes to the way your credit history is logged and reported could have an impact on your next home loan application. Before the commission, when banks were on the fence about giving you a loan, there was a much higher shot of you getting approved. Since the commission, […]

Understanding the total cost of buying your first home

We all know that buying a new home comes with a hefty amount of bills but do you really know the extent to which you’ll need to save? If you’re a first home buyer lucky for you the Federal Government gives out incentives and grants like the First Home Owner Grant, however, this doesn’t mean […]

Ins and outs of Mortgage Brokers

With the competitive market and endless lenders, you might want to look into getting a mortgage broker to help you with the workload. They negotiate on your behalf with banks, credit unions and credit providers to arrange the right home loan for your situation. They will assess your situation and come back with loan options, […]