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Payday Countdown is here!

We’re constantly looking for new features we can add to the app, to find easier ways for you to manage your finances and be more in control. Another small but mighty feature we’ve developed is our payday countdown. It’s simple, it does what it says and it’s live in the app now. You can set […]

Pull-to-Refresh is live in app!

We’re always developing new features for the Frollo app, some big and some small. One of those smaller – but very useful – features is Pull-to-Refresh for your account data. It’s simple, it does what it says and it’s live in the app now. When you pull-to-refresh, a lot is happening behind the scenes, that’s […]

A Quick Guide to Get A Discount or Waive Your Credit Card Annual Fees

Credit cards are handy in case of emergency. Many of us, however, fall into the traps of how convenient credit cards are to temporarily enjoy the “finer” things. Sure, it can give you a sense of gratification. Because you definitely deserve those new pair of shoes. But at the end of every year, your credit […]

Royal Commission changes slowly taking effect

It’s been a few weeks since the Kenneth Hayne’s Banking Royal Commission released its long-awaited report – so what’s changed? Read on for an update and what it means for you. Inactive super accounts The government has passed legislation to reduce fees collected from inactive super accounts. This will help consolidate $6 billion worth of […]

Royal Commission Delivers its verdict – so what next?

The Banking Royal Commissions final report was released yesterday, with over 70 recommendations targeting the banks and regulators. Both the Coalition and Labor have agreed to support the Commission’s findings, with the government set to announce specifics in the coming weeks. Mortgage brokers, Financial advisors, Superannutation and Insurance are the most affected by the commission’s […]

Help Volt Bank supercharge your banking experience

There was great news last week for Australians craving for more competition in our banking sector with the announcement that Australia’s first digital bank had been granted a full, unrestricted banking license by the regulator, APRA. This is a huge milestone and has been a long time in the making. Volt Bank can now accelerate […]

Open Banking Explained

If you’ve heard of Open Banking but don’t how it works or what impact it will have on your banking needs, no worries – we’ve simplified and demystified it for you! Firstly, Open Banking is part of a wave of reforms to increase competition in Australia’s financial services sector.  As the Banking Royal Commission (BRC) […]

Teaching kids about money

One of the joys of parenting is teaching your kids a new skill, and watching them persevere, grow and get better at it.  Some of these skills are relatively easy to teach like kicking a soccer ball, but the more important life skills can be tricky to explain and harder for our kids to master.  […]