Ready for your Frollo Score?

At Frollo, we’re passionate about finding innovative ways to leverage our technology and community to help users get ahead with their finances. So, two years ago, we started working on the Frollo Score – a simple number which shows you where you stand today, so you’re financially prepared for tomorrow! Our research revealed that while […]

Getting ready for your home loan application

Findings from the Banking Royal Commission and changes to the way your credit history is logged and reported could have an impact on your next home loan application. Before the commission, when banks were on the fence about giving you a loan, there was a much higher shot of you getting approved. Since the commission, […]

Understanding the total cost of buying your first home

We all know that buying a new home comes with a hefty amount of bills but do you really know the extent to which you’ll need to save? If you’re a first home buyer lucky for you the Federal Government gives out incentives and grants like the First Home Owner Grant, however, this doesn’t mean […]

Ins and outs of Mortgage Brokers

With the competitive market and endless lenders, you might want to look into getting a mortgage broker to help you with the workload. They negotiate on your behalf with banks, credit unions and credit providers to arrange the right home loan for your situation. They will assess your situation and come back with loan options, […]

Use it or lose it – make the most of your credit card or switch!

The new financial year is a great time to review your credit cards – you could be paying unnecessary fees and accruing reward points which are going nowhere fast. If you have a credit card earning loyalty or reward points, take a step back and think about your goals: 1. What are you hoping to […]

Take the $10,000 Challenge!

This month we’ve been looking at saving you $10k in the coming year – so today it’s time to put your plans in action.  As always, getting started is the hardest part of any money saving challenge, so we have compiled a list of ways you can use to reach your $10k goal. The following […]

Get your finances in shape to kickstart the New Financial Year

Whether you’re looking to save up for a car, house or that holiday you’ve been wanting to go on, the saving up part of the equation might seem the most daunting but take our word for it – nothing is too hard! Picture yourself boarding that plane for your dream destination, not a care in […]

Use Customer Advocates to resolve your banking dispute

Imagine touch wood you draw the short straw in a conflict resolution meeting with one of the big four banks. You know you deserve a better outcome but you don’t think it’s quite serious enough to talk to a lawyer or an ombudsman. This sort of scenario is what initiated the introduction of Customer Advocates […]

Challenge yourself and Frollo and let’s get ahead, together!

The end of the financial year is a great time to take a step back and reset – review your finances and set a path for the rest of the calendar and financial year ahead. We’ve made it easy to kickstart your year and get into good habits right away – with our Goals and […]

How the Super Saver Scheme can help you buy your first home

In May of last year, the Government released the Federal Budget introducing the First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSS) to address issues of housing affordability in Australia. Under this scheme, you are now able to save money for your first home through your superannuation fund meaning first home buyers save faster under the concessional tax […]