About Us

We're all working together, that's the secret.

First and foremost we are people who want to help.

We know that worrying about money can keep you up at night. Be it worrying about monthly outgoings, paying back a loan or panicking about having enough money for retirement.

We can help you get ahead, by providing accurate and meaningful financial data. Just checking your bank balance is a very small part of the big picture. That’s why we created Frollo. A personal finance and budget management app that will go beyond your balance and track exactly where your money goes every day, week and month.

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Meet Our Team

It’s always good to put a face behind the business, that way you know who you are dealing with.

Gareth Gumbley

When he was younger Gareth wanted to be a chef, but his love of all things finance and technology won over and he has spent many years developing successful fintech companies just like Frollo.

Edd Smith
Chief Technology Officer

Edd is the technology guy with an amazing ability to explain technical problems in a non-technical way (which makes marketing happy). Edd is the one who makes our app run like a well oiled machine.    

Nicholas Dawson
iOS Developer

Frollo’s very talented electronics engineer and developer Nick has spent his career developing everything from consumer electronics to iOS apps and his work is nothing short of amazing.  

Prashant Ponkshe
Marketing Lead

Prashant loves helping people learn about the great features and benefits of Frollo.  And of course – downloading it and giving it a try!

Let's get ahead, together

After 20 years in finance, Gareth founded Frollo because he saw that people just like you, weren’t getting the banking information they needed to get ahead in life. So he went out and found a team of people who also passionately believed that people needed to go beyond their bank balance.

Gareth and the team at Frollo love finance first and foremost because it gives them a real chance to help people. After having a look at the online products offered by banks, the Frollo team realised that it’s not that easy for people to really understand where their money was going . They also observed that managing finances was all about understanding behaviour; everyone has clear patterns of spending (although you may not know it). So the team started working on the idea of a personal finance app that could identify spending patterns that not only showed people their past behaviours, but could also predict future ones. How good is that?

Frollo is designed for people like you.

We provide the right tools and advice for you to achieve your financial goals and keep you inspired along the way! Frollo is a community working together to get more from our money and get better deals! We go beyond the bank balance to help you get ahead.

frollo about us Personal finance budget management appGoogle Play