Let’s get ahead, together.

If you have money, you need Frollo. A 100% secure app that lets you see exactly where all your money goes on a daily basis.
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Go beyond your bank balance


There is a good chance that your current banking app is not offering you all the tools you need to manage your finances. Just knowing your bank balance doesn’t tell you any thing about spending patterns or allow you to set goals. Frollo helps you take control of your money so you can make better financial decisions.

Frollo is a free personal finance and budget management app that not only lets you track all your spending and savings, it also helps you set goals and challenge yourself to make saving easier.

It’s like your current banking app, but on steroids.

Frollo is 100% secure and connects with all Australian Banks using bank-grade security.

And many more!

See where your money is going

Do you know how much you spend on utilities each month? What about groceries? Your personal dashboard is packed with easy to read charts and graphics that will help you track where you money is going, across all your financial accounts – at a glance.

Make informed financial decisions

Frollo is packed with easy to use tools that will help you focus on what is important  when it comes to your finances. With insightful nudges and budget suggestions, Frollo helps you make the most of your money by keeping track of it for you. Frollo makes managing money so much easier.

Be inspired & challenge yourself

Take daily, weekly and monthly challenges to help you reach your financial goals. We’ll even help you with budgeting hints and tips that have worked for people in our community. People just like you!

Get your Frollo Score!

We’ve developed a score that tells you where you stand today, so you’re financially prepared for tomorrow. Just use the app, link your accounts and we’ll calculate and update the score for you regularly.

100% peace of mind

We use bank-grade security because we pride ourselves on your security above all else. Frollo is a read-only app which means absolutely no bank information is stored on your phone or computer and we cannot approve any payments or fund transfers.

Start saving with Frollo in minutes

Download Frollo

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Set up your account

Register your details, set up your password and link your bank account.

Start Saving

Create a budget, select a goal & challenge, then sit back and watch the savings roll in. Simple.

If you have an Android device, send us your details and we will let you know as soon as the Frollo android version is available.


We obviously think we are pretty good, so we asked some people what they thought about Frollo.

"This app has really opened my eyes as to how much I was spending on groceries. I didn't realise that my habit of picking up things on the way home was adding up to so much".


"Well done Frollo! Doing my budget helped me uncover that I did indeed pay my rent twice last month! Not that the thieving real estate agents bothered to notify me…!"


"Thanks so much Frollo! I set myself a holiday goal and totally smashed it. UK here I come."


"Frollo saved me $1,200 by identifying multiple payments to my insurance company. Thanks, Frollo."


Are you ready to get ahead?

Frollo does all the hard work for you and helps you see exactly where your money is going on a daily basis, making it so much easier for you to see where you can make simple changes and start saving.

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